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Our Methodology

Here is an overview of how our business model works to help you grow.
  1. Feasibility Study

    A feasibility study is conducted on your existing business. Various risk analyses are done to present you with the prevalent business pit falls.

  2. Innovation Analysis & Design

    In this phase, the business is thoroughly understood so that we can provide you an innovative solution that helps your business grow heights.

  3. Design & Development

    We design and document the solution in this phase. After the prototype sign off the development takes place. All the latest web technologies, required to develop a cost effective solution, are used for development work.

  4. Testing & Security

    The application features are thoroughly tested from different point of views. Quality and Load testings are done to ensure a robust application.

  5. Integration & Deployment

    The application is now ready to be integrated with your existing business model. After a few successful trial runs, it is deployed at the production servers.

  6. Maintenance & Upgradation

    Maintenance ensures that Information Systems runs smoothly. The necessary upgradations to already existing solutions is provided to keep the systems up to date.

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